High-Quality Nissan Service at Viva Nissan

If you’re looking for top-notch Nissan service, look no further than Viva Nissan. Our service center is staffed by highly trained technicians who know your vehicle inside and out. Whether you need regular maintenance, like an oil change, brake service, tire rotation, or more complex repairs such as engine or transmission repair, we’ve got you covered. Once you arrive at our service center you will be given a brochure of the promises we make when you service your vehicle with us.

The Viva Promise

When you visit our service department we promise to:

• Greet you upon arrival and identify the primary reason for your visit
• Confirm our understanding of your needs
• Inform you of three things:
 • What will we be doing
 • How much will it cost
 • When will it be completed
• We will do a walk-around of your vehicle and provide you with a complimentary multi-point inspection
• Keep you informed of the status of your repairs

Convenient and Affordable Service for Your Nissan

At Viva Nissan, we’re dedicated to providing excellent service to our customers. That’s why we offer a wide range of services for your Nissan car, truck or SUV, including:

• Oil Changes
• Brake Repair
• Transmission Repair
• Tire Service
• Battery Replacement

Plus, with our convenient online scheduling system, it’s easy to book your service appointment at a time that works for you. While you wait in our comfortable waiting area with available WiFi, coffee, and vending machines, our team will provide you with a complementary Multi-point inspection of your vehicle. We will walk you through a list of recommendations of services we can provide such as replacing your cabin filter, engine filter, coolant fluid, or window wipers. If there are any service lights that need to be brought up to our attention our specialized technicians can run a diagnostic with a code reader and provide you with a recommendation for dealing with any additional service your vehicle may need.

Viva Nissan El Paso TX
Viva Nissan El Paso TX

Specialized Service for Nissan Ariya

Electric cars such as the Nissan Ariya are cheaper to maintain in the long run and more affordable to keep running compared to conventional gas-powered cars. Electric cars have fewer mechanical components that require service, repair, or replacement and don’t require tune-ups, oil changes, spark plugs, drive belts, transmission, and differential servicing. EV owners are expected to follow a series of periodic checks and services to keep the vehicle warranty in effect, such as checking tire pressure, rotating tires, inspecting brakes, steering, suspension, and chassis components for unusual wear or damage, checking power steering and drive shafts for wear, and inspecting the gas struts for signs of suspension wear. The maintenance schedule for an electric car is simple and less expensive. For battery replacement and services on your Nissan Ariya be sure to schedule your service at Viva Nissan. Our certified technicians are specially trained to work on Electric Vehicles.